Corporate PR

The right image is every organisation's invaluable capital. We support the image shaping process based on comprehensive action, cutting edge tools and best PR standards.

As a corporate PR consultancy, we offer services including:

  • design and implementation of image strategies
  • strategic communication consultancy for board members and organisations' experts
  • image research and analyses


Crisis PR

The ability to make quick and appropriate decisions on communication is of enormous importance in times when information flow is lightning fast. We provide assistance in preparations for crisis situations, and - if need be - we help react properly.

As a crisis PR consultancy, we offer services including:

  • development and implementation of procedures, policies and manuals of crisis communication management
  • comprehensive consultancy
  • training and simulations for crisis centres


Product PR

We create coherent communication strategies which are a valuable complement to traditional marketing actions.

As a product PR consultancy, we offer services including:

  • promotion of products and services in the media
  • arranging product tests
  • organisation of promotional events


Internal communication

Good internal communication enables delivery of the organisation management's and employees' goals. Therefore, using our expertise and experience, we design and implement solutions thanks to which the information flow's efficiency is maximised.

As an internal communication consultancy, we offer services including:

  • diagnosis of the efficiency of information flow within the organisation
  • comprehensive design of internal communication plans and tools
  • consultancy in the area of communication with social groups



We provide consultancy and develop tailored plans of actions oriented towards important social matters and building the organisation's relations with its environment. To attain the goal, we seek non-standard tools and communication channels allowing for the client's line of business specificity and the needs of the action's target groups.

As a CSR consultancy, we offer services including:

  • development of a SCR strategy correlated with the organisation's business goals
  • implementation of projects that support building companies' relations with their environments
  • evaluation of CSR actions' efficiency


Public affairs

We support and coordinate communication activities of businesses, institutions and public administration units targeting their social, legislative and political environments. Our clear actions are based on our specialists' extensive knowledge and experience.

As a public affairs consultancy, we offer services including:

  • designing and running communication campaigns aiming to support building relations with the social and administration environment
  • building support platforms
  • monitoring legislative processes in Poland and the European Union


Custom publishing

We make sure information has an attractive form by applying diverse publishing techniques. Our experienced team of journalists, graphic designers and photo journalists creates materials catering for the needs and expectations of specific audiences.

As a custom publishing provider, we offer:

  • newspapers, magazines, reports, catalogues and brochures - both traditional and electronic
  • Internet and intranet websites
  • newsletters


Communication audits

Professional analysis of the organisation and its environment is the key to selection of the most effective communication tools and channels. Thanks to constant cooperation with research agencies and authorities in the field of science we ensure our clients access to up-to-date and valuable knowledge.

As a communication audit provider, we offer services including:

  • expert quality analysis of communication tools
  • quantitative and qualitative studies of internal communication efficiency
  • image audits


Employer branding

Every well-managed organisation's strategic goal is to attract and retain the right employees. We provide advice on how to build the brand of an attractive and sought-after employer with the use of tailored actions.

As an employer branding consultancy we offer services including:

  • strategies for building employer brand image
  • building relations with recruitment partners, e.g. trade organisations, career offices at tertiary institutes, students' organisations, and labour market institutions
  • research into the effectiveness of actions undertaken