About the project

Goal and tasks:

Production of artificial aggregates applied in road construction in countries with developed economies and high environmental awareness accounts for 25% of the whole aggregates market. In Poland the ratio is a mere 3.5%. Due to stereotypes, most often caused by decision makers' insufficient knowledge of the technological changes in the sector, a tendency came about to exclude these products from many tenders conducted by administrative districts' authorities. Komunikacja Plus's task consisted in implementation of a plan allowing Metraco - a leading Polish producer of artificial aggregates - to increase decision makers' awareness and bring about its product's inclusion in ToR conditions.

Our tasks:

  1. To develop the communication strategy, making it possible to quickly reach a diverse audience with specialist knowledge.
  2. To make sure that the subject is constantly present in trade-specific and local media.
  3. To organise events and stakeholders' meetings opening a discussion about the potential of the artificial aggregates markets and the products' properties.

Scope of action:


Organisation of a conference for engineers, construction site inspectors, contractors' representatives and representatives of local public administration units, as well as study visits to the production facility.


Organisation of individual meetings at local administration units with a view to delivering an individualised knowledge package.


Delivery of an educational campaign in the media on the subject of artificial aggregates' properties.


Support for Metraco's participation in the International Road Construction Trade Fair "Autostrada - Polska".


  • Changes to ToR conditions in administrative districts strategic to the client
  • First local administration level proposal for a joint environmental project named "Eko-droga"
  • Design of a Metraco artificial aggregates production line awarded in the "Ekolaur" competition, organised by the Polish Chamber of Ecology


Quote In the areas of external communication and CSR, the agency showed both its creativity and the necessary knowledge. What makes Komunikacja Plus stand out is the highly professional approach to projects, its knowledge of the industrial sector, and extensive experience in cooperation with enterprises whose organisational structures are complex.

Marek Kacprowicz

President of the Board