About the project

Goal and targets:

To create an internal communication platform in a company employing 18.5 thousand staff in ten divisions located in different parts of the country. The platform's three key components: the company's television KGHM TV, the tabloid-like biweekly "Miedziak" and the quarterly "Focus KGHM" reach their audiences regularly, delivering an attractive message tuned to the target's needs. Importantly, the message is efficient - it transpires from anonymous employee opinion polls that "Miedziak" is the most highly valued source of information about the company.

Our tasks:

  1. To diagnose the main communication barriers in the company and develop an internal communication plan allowing for a shift in the message rhetoric as well as new communication tools.
  2. Cooperation in the implementation of the plan, including development of new communication tools.
  3. Constant editorial cooperation oriented at the development of publications.

Scope of action:


Delivery of internal communication audits (research at the project's launch and after the implementation of the new tools), comprising analysis of the existing tools, surveys and in-depth interviews.


Development of recommendations - i.e. proposals for solutions adjusted to the company's business goals and responding to thee communication barriers diagnosed over the course of the research.


Development of a concept of new communication tools.


Delivery of journalism workshops and constant cooperation oriented at the delivery of publications.


  • development of an effective manner of regular communication in dealing with the numerous staff
  • positive results of employee surveys ("Miedziak" rated the most valuable source of information about the company)
  • constant development of tools: splitting the TV transmission into particular divisions of the company, special issues of "Miedziak", a version of Focus in a foreign language for overseas divisions
  • the Prowly award - "Mistrzowie Drugiego Planu" ("Masters of the Background") for " a novelty, non-standard approach and efficiency in creation and constant development of internal employee magazines - two newspapers delivered for KGHM"



Power of Content Marketing Awards Columns of the Year 2016 – Bronze award


Focus KGHM - magazine of KGHM capital group


Magazine for employees, circulation 1,001-10,000 copies


Quote Thanks to the agency's correct understanding of the company's needs and delivery of an appropriate communication strategy for KGHM Polska Miedź SA numerous internal and external communication tools were created resulting in tangible benefits for employee and local community relations.

Herbert Wirth

President of the Board